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Individual Counselling



I believe that counselling can help individuals find more fulfilling ways to be with themselves and to work with the obstacles that they encounter, thereby becoming more fulfilled in their personal and professional lives.  My approach to individual counselling is warm, nonjudgemental and non-pathologizing. 

I try to bring compassion, curiosity, respect and integrity to our counselling process. 

I offer individual counselling to work with a wide variety of issues, including anxiety, depression, relationship problems, painful past or present personal experiences including trauma or abuse, transitions in relationships, career, or family, grief, career loss, difficulties living with physical illness or chronic pain.  I often use the IFS approach for working with clients' grief, trauma history, and identifying and changing patterns that aren't working.  IFS is a compassionate, self-pacing and non-pathologizing approach that is often very effective at assisting clients to identify and lean into their areas of strength.

Many extended health plans provide coverage for individual and/or family counselling services delivered by a Registered Clinical Counsellors up to annual maximum.  Please consult your plan to determine whether you can claim reimbursement for counselling services.



Safe, supportive family counselling can lead to creative ways to reduce conflict and enhance relationships.  I have training in multiple modalities of couples and family counselling.

I am passionate about working with family members to help them articulate and understand the negative patterns in their communication and in their relationship, thereby opening up the possibility of reconnecting with one another.  This work is done both in individual sessions with family members and, where appropriate and desired by family members, in joint sessions with the couple or family group.  

The family units embraced in family counselling are widely varied.  Families include and individuals, spouses, parents, children, extended relatives, and families formed through links that are biological, adopted, and chosen through many pathways to connection.  We are LGBTQ-affirming.

Family Counselling

We have training and experience in cross-cultural approaches to conflict resolution.  We welcome the opportunity to work with families and individuals of diverse cultural and religious backgrounds, and of all genders and sexual orientations.

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